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A revolutionary file browser that will automate your file organization, help you discover your files faster, and simplify syncing and sharing with people!

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How We'reDifferent! A Unique Way to Sync & Share Your Files!

  • Box Free

    The olden days where you had to go and drag your files to a folder to sync are gone. Now with InstaFile just share, sync, and organize in 1 step!

  • A New Way to work with Files

    Sync across multiple devices and with multiple people. The ease to express yourself and the privacy and security when you need it!

  • More Than Just People Share With Apps!

    Today you use twitter, facebook, linkedin, google, wordpress and this is just beginning of the list. All your photos & documents now all in sync with all your apps!

  • Designed By Teams For Teams

    The version tracking and self updating technology allows you share your files with ease and know you can focus and be productive and collaborative. Share, Sync, Collaborate.

Comparison Matrix Let's compare!

InstaFile Dropbox Google Drive Cubby SugarSync
Workflow Management
Multiple Cloud Storage Locations
Sync File Directly From Email
Files Synced Across Multiple Apps
P2P Sharing
Sync Individual Files Directly
Multiple Folder Syncing
Media Streaming
Version Tracking

Our Story! The inception!

As heavy users of filesystems and with years of dealing with millions of files we realized how painful it was to simply access your documents, photos, or any other media that you cared about. You had to go through the clutter of the entire filesystem, dig through the files and folder you couldn't care less about just for accessing a single file. For us that meant loss of time and time is everything. After years frustration and advances in cloud technology, opportunity met preparation and InstaFile was born

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